Posted by : miko mic Saturday, 16 August 2014

Don't stand in front of the mirror to take a picture of yourself anymore, not only direct the camera to your face, new, new thing, directed by these ideas.
Image through the viewfinder allows you to experience the way you see yourself, the way you see the world at the same time.
Pick up the reflected image over coffee during her boiling bubbles, you will see yourself in close and very personal.
Sometimes the Selfie makes us understand things around us and how we are, how we suit them, so use a mirror while the picture makes us integrated with nature.
Photographing a reflection of your image on the window, you might integrate into the heart of the city, into one entity.
Capture your image by a concave surface, you will know how to track other objects such as insects, and make you see yourself differently.
This way different and may not pick up the image and simple, but picks up the image of what you think of yourself and you draw on your wall.
Submit your image to the Selfie world you stand reversed completely.
This picture confirms your ability to take the selfie literally anywhere, as long as you find a way to make it interesting.
Have made some effort in this photo you need, but the quality and creativity in the end sufficient experience.
Camera effects for featured pictures is well worth the experience.

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